The Magic Mirror

After successfully completing our Nepal trip we are back to Bodhgaya, our home town in India, with our friends from Germany. Now we have the big challenge to build the first theatre centre in Bodhgaya, because at the moment it is only a big hall, so we have to convert it into a fully furnished theatre.P1000150

Yes, we are so much excited about this that somehow we planned to make this, but as after completing our Nepal project and traveling too much by bus everybody is tired, we decided to take a rest and good sleep because it’s very important for all team members to get back their energy.
01.03 Now we all are set to decide and plan how to build a theatre centre. First thing we need a good structure or design to implement this.
And also we know that it’s not an easy task, but it’s our dream, so we will do it. Everybody started sharing their ideas and now its looks like a great team work going on.
Everybody started taking responsibility for some work (who is responsible for which work), so today everything was set and from tomorrow we’ll start with the practical part.

02.03 The day starts with very good energy with high power and smiles on everyone’s faces.
We went to the market to order the materials we need for work and some of us are cleaning the hall, so when the carpenter starts working we give him a clean place.
But actually it was not as easy as we thought, we saw that we needed many more hands to support us and then the students came forward to put their energy in so this gave some relief to everyone of us.

We already painted all the side walls, we fixed all the lights and wire stuff very safely.
And while doing this work we were also preparing for our new show and we were doing several workshops.

It was doing two things at the same time, so we were spending not only the full day but also the nights on work.

At last almost everything was completed, the thing which was left was to paste the carpet on the stage and to hang black curtain on the wall, then our theatre centre is fully completed.
So for that we asked the carpenter to help us to put it and he did it.
We were all so happy to see our dream in front of our eyes, our theatre has become a really beautiful place.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_9801

And at the same time our show we were preparing during the centre work also gave us wonderful results. Smiles are coming like a peacock dancing in the rain. The show “The Magic Mirror” is ready to be presented in front of all spectators not only from India but throughout the world.IMG_20190324_235200

The special thing is that now we can play that show in our own theatre centre, that’s the main highlight for all the Dreamcatchers, because after struggling for many years now we all have our own place to play and perform.

29.03And the day came when all the beautiful eyes where sitting inside to watch us playing and suddenly before the performance we found that some news reporters where also there to cover us.we were also preparing us with painting our body,changing costume ,makeup e.t.c , so all the players were helping each other.

So now it has become the most memorable days for us, we performed our show 4 times, every time children from different school came along with their teachers and parents.
And it was really hard work from start to get the girls here because parents don’t allow them to do arts stuff outside, so we went to all the homes of the girls who were doing workshops with us and some parents allowed them to go.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_97be

So at least some of them could be there and we did our performance.

After successfully performing our show we got nice feedback from everyone. There were many international spectators, they were so happy to experience such things here in a small village of India and they took interviews of some of the Dreamcatchers and we got a lot of great feedback from them, too.
At last, after our final show we had a dance party. It was a big celebration, everybody was dancing together and some were drinking soft drinks (Coke , Pepsi etc.) and sharing their ideas, talking about Indian culture and much more. It was a wonderful finish of our performances.
All in all: WE DID IT!UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_9852
So for achieving something you shouldn’t just dream but live your dream by doing hard work and believing that you will catch your dream.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Mirror

  1. Neha

    Good work guys… Its so amazing to contribute something to your society without any expectations.. You guys are doing a wonderful job.. Proud of you guys… Lots of love

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