29:05 2 days Theater workshop we already completed successfully so now the day came for 2 days dance workshop, everyone was excited about the dance workshop.
There was two batch one for junior ones and one for seniors.
Our dreamcatchers were also with full of energy and it was a good energy coming from them so we started our first batch in time.
It was also challenging today because one of our dreamcatcher Rahul was conducting first junior batch and it was his first workshop as a trainer.
So somehow he was nervous but it’s normal for us .
As Abhishek sir told him to take this workshop not for teaching only the main reason behind is to given him workshop to learn how to lead a class or group.
And ya Dreamcatcher Rahul started workshop by some dance arobics for 30 min,than he went for the dance steps , slowly he started giving them some basics steps on count.

He taught all the choreography for the day to them than time came for song rehearsal as he did 1 hour only counting round with them so next half an hour for song practice round and it was funny to see that children were laughing a lot in the class with him, actually they were enjoying the session.

At least results came very good how he leads them it was awesome, children learned all the choreography and it makes us as a team leader very happy that one of our dreamcatcher is now know how to take the dance workshop.
So we are happy with him what he did.
First batch finished and than we distributed lunch to all the children .
Morning batch was awesome but now the time for senior ones and everybody was relaxed about it because our Dance teacher of dreamcatchers Mr Abhishek Kumar was going to take that senior workshop and he have a a lot of experience of teaching dance with every type of children not only beginners but also with the trained one.
But actually workshop he have to give to the beginners.
In starting, children were so much nervous but when Abhishek sir started the workshop with warm up arobics session slowly they started getting their confidence and now after warm up they totally inside with him.
Warm up completed than Abhishek sir did what he always do before the choreography round,he asked children’s want they know about dance.
Because it’s very important for a choreographer that what he or she is going to teach to the children,first they must have to tell exactly what is the dance.
Answer came but at last Abhishek sir told them the meaning of dance.
In a view of Abhishek sir :
Dance – whatever we do in our daily life since morning till evening everything is dance but its depends because if we are doing things in our daily life is call real life and same things if we do on stage while performing is call reel life.
So that’s the meaning he told to the children and after that he started with choreography round.
Steps counting started he was looking and helping each of students so they can feel relaxed and learns it easily and for make them feel easy he was using some normal day life situations to make them understand easy how to implement real life situations to learn the steps.
And ya it was making all the childrens so much happy when he was telling step similar like removing soil from place to another.
Slowly all choreography done than the time came for song practice.
When he Played the song children were started laughing because it was one of the popular and new song of bollywood and mostly everyone like this.
Song :- Baki Sab fas class hai.
And they did all the choreography very well with Abhishek sir and atlast he asked there feedback and they told very good.
So all and all it was bang on class.
Now there was food time .
So looking forward for next day workshop.
Stay tuned with us.
Jai Ho.

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