01:06 Morning started everyone was excited about this morning. All the five days of musical theater summer camp arts things already we finished and one of the very important day of this camp came, as I told you in my last post that today we are going to organise one awareness rally for the people around Bodhgaya about global warming, climate change, plant trees, reduce carbon,save the world many more .
So children started coming and 8 in the morning all the children were here with us in our CREACTING INDIA center.
So we started our rally at 8:30 from our center with 60 children age from 5 yr to 20 yr and we went though the street of Bodhgaya around 5 km with them as it was too much hot here around 43 degree so it was difficult for the smaller one to walk and cover that much distance but actually they were so much happy to do this so it went very well.

We walked and everybody was just singing saving the world slogan and also encouraged the people there to do the same.
Because now a days people are so much busy in there life no body thinks about our climate and because of less number of tree earth changing there beauty and day by day its becoming very scary.

So we were just telling peoples to plant the tree.
Because everyone have to plant at least one tree so it’s not our job it’s our responsibility.
God has given us a beautiful home for living whom we called earth so it our responsibility to make our home earth green and clean.
Ya we crossed almost all the part of our village and after that we started planting tree with our team. Because it’s not good if we only tell people to do this it’s also our right to do the same.
So we started planting tree.

And we also told our children’s about the value of planting tree.
We told them whenever you want to do something very good just plant a tree and also encourage your friends and family.
And they listen us carefully and then they planted with us.
After doing this we all were so much happy and than we came back to our center with happy faces.
Than we all had a good food together and the day finished.
02:06 Today we found about our yesterday awareness rally on news paper and in some news sites.


So actually we want people to see this and plant at least one tree.
Because one tree can save thousands of life.
So please support us and plant trees
Thank you
Jai ho

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