02:06 Now today the final day of this musical theater summer camp came and we all decorated our place last night for the final day.
And we all were so much excited about this day,
Because all the things what we did in last 6 days, now today we have to give the certificate to all the participants for that.
And day started we are ready with our team all the children’s came. Time is passing very fast now it’s already 9:00 am and we have to start now the program and ya we started first we just made small recall about whole camp with children and than we asked to the children about there feedback, like how much they liked to do the camp.
Actually every one were so much happy about the camp some were saying that they did first time this type of camp and they enjoyed a lot with us.
In starting we told them value of plantation because it’s very important for the new generation to know about this fact.
We all know education is very important but it’s also important to implement things in real life because now a days no body thinks to do something about nature only study it in there books.
So we told everyone to do something for there nature in their free time.
And than we just announced the results and the winning team of painting competition in both batches.


And by announcing the result. We also told them the reason why they won.we gone through with all the groups and told there creativity in there paintings. But at last we have to choose one so we choose one.

After announcing we given the 🏅 Medals to all the team member of the team.


Than the time came for certification and we started giving certificate to everyone and one by one we did.

And in between children performed some dances and drama too.

So everybody was enjoying the session.
At last it was just like happy ending for this time.
See you all very soon with new season and thank you everyone for supporting.
Thanks to Badi maa and our all team member.
I request to everyone please plant more and more tree and make our home earth green and clean.

Big thanks to the badi maa because of you it’s happened in Bodhgaya,you supported us for organising this camp and by your blessings we successfully completed our this camp, so really big thanks from our heart and love for you.

Thank you
Jai ho

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