Bhopal project Mud house

After successfully completing our last show on 13th March now we had to prepare for our  new adventure to Bhopal. We had only half day and half night left because at midnight we had a train to Delhi. So after the performance we had a small break for food and a small round together with the German group (it was the last round in Bodhgaya together for this year ). After that, we directly started packing all the stuff that we had to take with us for the trip to Bhopal. After packing, we took some rest and spent the last moment together, then at midnight we left to the railway station. The weather was so bad, it was very heavy raining with wind. On the way to the railway station we also lost one package from Wolfgang. But anyhow, we took our train in very short time. We were a big group with so much luggage, but anyhow we managed. We didn’t have seats in the same compartment of the train, so it was hard, but we also managed this. After traveling 15 hours we reached Delhi at night and we directly went to our hotel because everyone was tired. The next day we had a flight to Bhopal in the evening, everyone was excited, especially the Dreamcatchers, because for some of them it was the first time to be inside an airplane. With all our luggage we went to the airport. And the best thing that happened there was that the airline counter girl and one guy who was attending us asked about our group and after we told them about us they asked for a group picture with us. We are Dreamcatchers, we never say no to anyone’s dream, so we took the picture.

We started to Bhopal and everyone enjoyed the flight a lot and we reached Bhopal. We booked a taxi and started to our destination “Muskan foundation” (Mitti ka ghar). At Muskan the lady herself was waiting for us at night with the children.

That was the first interaction with her and it was really nice to see the glow of her face. She appears like a woman full of emotion inside who thinks always about the needy ones. It was nice meeting with her, and after dinner we went to bed. The boys had their own room and the girls had their own. So everything was already prepared. The next day started with meeting the children and the team members. Actually we arrived there when all schools were closed by governement guideline due to corona. So it was 3 days school off. But somehow we met hostel kids and the team members with Muskan. We made a big round with everyone and started the introduction round throwing the Indiaca ball between us.  It was hard to remember all names, but after hearing their stories impossible to forget. They all belong to padri,gond,………….. Samaj., All were slum children.

Some children told that they were doing pocket snatching at the railway station and then they were caught and threatened by the police and they were told that they had to pay a  fine so they had to do pocket snatching again to pay that fine. So all in all it was a circle for them. But it was hard to hear this , some told that nobody gives them jobs after knowing their caste. Sometimes I don’t believe in which world we are living where people are judged not by  their talent but by their caste and colour. That was the first day meeting but somehow I was so connected with them, not only our team but everyone was so much shocked, it was not a normal situation for the Dreamcatchers. But then I thought in that moment that I was not able to change the situation but what I was  able to do was  dance and I would do that. So in the evening we planned and performed our show “The Magic Mirror” for them. It was a very nice energy we had because it was also coming from the spectators who had big dreams in their eyes.  We got a very good feedback with very long clapping and then we got  very beautiful questions from them and we gave answers also in a beautiful way to make them understand. There was one funny question from one small kid about my Shiva character.  He asked how Lord Shiva had a cellphone and also other gods.  So I told him in a fantasy way so he understood.  After that we had a dinner and made a plan for the whole week.

Me and Vinod started next day along with Wolfgang and Christian together to look for a spot.  Actually we went through all the slum to see the areas where we would perform and also to organise the workshops for them. For this, one of the active members of the Muskan foundation, Ravi, was helping us with his team Abhishek, Tasveer, Brajesh, Jeenu, Pushpa and Monu,  So it was easy to communicate with them. After seeing their life and the way of their living I was  touched and Wolfgang also said that he had wanted to work for this type of people or children from long time and I had also the same feelings from long time.

We visited several spots and when we came back the main thing for us now was to make the group understand that where we were going to perform that place was not so supportive for audience. But the group supported us and said that we all will manage this together. The main part was that Ravi and his team were handling all the things so it was not so hard and after all it went very smoothly. So me and Vinod gave workshops in the morning and afternoon and for this Rahul, Prince, Shashi, Wolfgang , Christian and Sarah supported us.

After the workshops we relaxed and then the team came to us with all the things of the show. We started making our hand made stage with our own equipment. And while we were busy in that work Frieder was playing and entertaining the audience with his crazy moves.

And than we did our first performance in slum areas. It was a really different type of feeling for me because I was living that life for two years with them before in Jharkhand. They enjoyed a lot and after spending the whole day with them we came back  and we heard that Christian and Frieder had to leave us because they had to reach Delhi as their flight was cancelled because Corona had reached our country,  so the government  cancelled all the international flights from India.  So they went back and then we were left there with Wolfgang and the girls ( interns ).  They could stay because  they had tickets of Emirates, which was still working.  So the second day we did only the performance  because  Christian told us to do this at least for the day.

Next day we would do the workshop again.

In the evening  after the  performance  we heard that we all had to leave  because  the government cancelled  many trains. So we said bye to all the beautiful faces for this year.

we booked  a flight and came back to Delhi in on 21st  March and then Wolfgang arranged a train for the same day to Gaya. I decided  to stay with them there because  I thought  one local guy had to be with them in this hard time. The children  arrived early  morning  on 22nd March (3 am), so they reached  their home safely.  Then  on 22nd after 7am there was a lock-down. I was with the whole group in Delhi during the lock-down and also we clapped for the corona fighters in the evenings  together.  Then the next day we got a call from german consulate that they will pick us up and bring us to Marriott  hotel near Delhi airport and  somehow Wolfgang organised  for me also to move there. The Next day at 1:30pm I heard  that from 25th March there would be a country  wide lock- down.  I was so shocked  because  I had a flight for Patna on 25th.   So at last I decided  to fly on the same day and somehow I arranged  a flight for me at 4:30pm. It was good that I was so close to airport so I managed  everything  and reached  Patna safely.  Then I put myself in home quarantine for the whole lockdown.  And also our German  team after some struggle got a Lufthansa flight to get back to their country.  So overall we did good in Bhopal and hopefully we will do the rest on our next trip to Bhopal very soon.   So guys, stay tuned  with us. 


Adventures trip with ” The Magic Mirror “

Hello everyone,
After completing 31st night donation all the Dreamcatchers were so happy and now we had a small celebration together in day time on 1st January because we already celebrated our new year Eve with street people on 31st night.

So now on 2nd January early morning our friends from Germany were coming and me and Vinod with our Dreamcatchers decided to stay together the whole night to welcome all of them early morning.
We cleaned our place at night actually, me and Vinod didn’t sleep the whole night.
Then morning started, we already had a rental car.
We headed to railway station to pick them up.
We were standing on the platform and the team arrived, we were in hurry, we put the luggage fastly in the car and after a small tea refreshment we left to Bodhgaya.
When we reached our place, the Dreamcatchers were already prepared with welcome things with Indian style like malla full tika, everything.
After welcoming they entered our theatre hall. For Wolfgang it was his place which he created by his own presence last year, but for the girls it was a totally new country, new place, new people.
So you will be thinking, which girls? Don’t take so much pressure.

Three girls came: Sarah, Madita and Ina along with cute Moana (daughter of Wolfgang ).
After so much travel they decided to go to bed, but you know here what you think doesn’t always work, so first we went for masala dosa place and we had a breakfast together.

Then after 1day rest we decided to welcome our dearest Christian brother, he came on 5th Jan. so we decided to welcome him with Bollywood dancing and the girls also joined the Dreamcatchers for dancing .
After 1 or 2 days practice we had to go for welcoming him, and we all went together.
Me and Wolf brother went to receive him from the main exit gate of the airport and the others were preparing themselves for dance on the open ground at the airport.
We had a small struggle with airport security also because we didn’t have any permission for this but at last he allowed us to do it.
When Christian saw the dance he was very happy, his reaction was totally as I had thought. I choreographed like that because I have known him for a long time.
Then after dance we had a hug party and then we started for our cultural centre with a small chai break on the way.
When he saw our centre, Christian was so happy because it was the same like when they left last year….

Time was running, so we decided to work with our production “The Magic Mirror”, but first we were told to perform the full show for them.
After performing we got a feedback and it was really good because the main thing for us as actors was to get a good feedback.
They told us that all Dreamcatchers had really changed and become good actors.
So as trainers it was really a proud moment for me and Vinod.
On the next day we started our theatre classes, the first 2 or 3 workshop were totally open for all of us.

Then after that we started developing a workshop for “The Magic Mirror” .
The main part was to replace some scenes which were not clear, and also the difficult part to add something here and there.
After doing several workshop concept works we had developed some good scenes for the show.
But Wolfgang had to go to drop cute Moana at Delhi airport, so we had a cake cutting party with Moana and then she left Bodhgaya with Wolfgang.
All the children were surprised when they heard small girl Moana (8 years) was going alone by airplane to Germany.
It is not so common for India.
Everybody was sad because we all had a very good time with her. And then she left.

Wolfgang came back after dropping her.
And then we started buying fabric and cloths for making costumes for the show characters.
The girls Ina, Madita and Sarah supported us in costumes making.

And than Antonia and Mariton came.
It was really nice to meet both of them. Antonia is an experienced theatre trainer from Berlin .
She works at the university and Mariton is a very beautiful lady by heart.
Antonia did two workshops, one with teachers and one with women only.
Both workshops were so successful.

Then she started helping us for our show.
She had a really very big theatre experience.
She worked on characters like business women and Parvati to develop the actors.
The best and funny part was that she always started speaking German, but we were always confused because we don’t know the language. So Sarah and Christian were translating all the time.
But what was helping us, was the language of art.
The time came to welcome our so strong member of Creacting Frieder. We welcomed him and we came together for lunch directly.
After that time passed with training and in the end the show was complete.
Now we had a plan to make a movie of our production, so we all decided together where and when we had to shoot and which scenes. So we visited different cities and States of India according to our plan:
Kolkata, Varanasi, Digha, Dhuneswari mountain near Bodhgaya.
We started from Bodhgaya by bus with the whole team and it took the whole night to get there. We arrived early in the morning and went to the hotel.
Then I was in a hurry because I also had an appointment in the German consulate for my visa. So I just got refreshed and me and Wolfgang went to the consulate.
I went inside but it they were not working because they changed their rules and we were not aware of this. That was not a good sign for us, so we took the next appointment just the next day on 19th February. We went back to the hotel and one more news we got was that Sarah was sick. It was a hard time for her because it was the first time she travelled with an Indian bus and the road was not so good and so ride wasn’t good either.
But we had to go on with the movie so I decided to stay with her there because one of us, me or Vinod, had to be there, so I decided to stay with her and Vinod went with the group for the shooting.
And yeah, they did only some shooting, because some places were closed already.
Next day I successfully submitted my visa application and we did shootings at some spots of Kolkata.
And Sarah was also better than the the day before.
After Kolkata we started again by bus for Digha.
This time the bus was better than on the last trip so it was ok and we didn’t face any problem.
We arrived and I already had online hotel booking, so we directly went to the hotel, everyone was tired as we arrived at night .
So everybody was relaxing. Vinod went outside along with Rahul to bring food for everyone. By doing this we had also a nice view of the sea and we also finalized our shooting spot for the shooting tomorrow.
We came back and we slept early because we had to wake up early morning .
The Morning started again with some bad news . We found Christian was totally sick and that was really very hard for him. So he decided to stay there and we went with Wolfi and all the team for the shooting. We did our dance shooting very well but on the other hand I was thinking about Christian .
Then we took breakfast and me and Sarah took some medicine to Christian and then we decided to go back to Gaya .
We came back to Kolkata and from there we took bus for Bodhgaya.

The whole trip hat its ups and down, but we completed everything successfully.

Then after relaxing a few days, on 26th February we left to Varanasi for our next spot city.
We reserved our own bus so that was easy for everyone.
We arrived and we went to Badi Maa place .
We had our personal rooms there, so we relaxed a little bit and then me, Wolfi, Christian and Vinod along with the girls went looking for spots for the next day while the others where relaxing at the place.
Mariton also joined us here.
We were walking on the banks of the holy Ganga river. It was really such a nice vibration I was feeling there.
Then the next day we started and shooted at some places. It was a little bit hard because at many places it was not allowed to use the camera, but anyhow we managed. And we covered some parts.
Badi Maa Ajaan had a very delicious meal for all of us. After eating we decided to go for a night Aarti on Ganga by boat.
When we started in Ganga by boat, some musician from different countries also joins us and they played their piece of music for us. Then we decided to dance together with Everyone on the boat and yeah, we danced “Bum hum bole” again after a long time with everyone.
The next day we shooted next to the river.
The biggest highlight was to walk in the streets of Varanasi. Because it is a holy place many priests are there and when the priest character of our show was walking with full costume with the magic Mirror that mirror was really strange for everyone.
But ya, it was good to see this.

And at night we returned to Bodhgaya.

It was a really nice adventure for the children and the whole group doing the shootings and at the same time visiting different parts of India.
The hardest part was to edit the videos to make a movie.
Sarah took that work ( hard working & intelligent girl!).she worked sometimes until late at night because it was not so easy task to edit the movie.

And while she was busy with the movie we were working on our show and the other two girls, Madita and Ina were helping us in our show. So everyone was doing his and her part very well.
Since we had to perform our show The Magic Mirror for audience on 12th and 13th March 2020 we practiced every day and at last the time came for our performance.
This was interesting in two ways: one thing, we were going to perform and another thing was our two Dreamcatchers Arti and Shima who learned to handle music and light. This was really nice to see.

And in the end, we performed our show successfully with a huge Audience.