02:06 Now today the final day of this musical theater summer camp came and we all decorated our place last night for the final day.
And we all were so much excited about this day,
Because all the things what we did in last 6 days, now today we have to give the certificate to all the participants for that.
And day started we are ready with our team all the children’s came. Time is passing very fast now it’s already 9:00 am and we have to start now the program and ya we started first we just made small recall about whole camp with children and than we asked to the children about there feedback, like how much they liked to do the camp.
Actually every one were so much happy about the camp some were saying that they did first time this type of camp and they enjoyed a lot with us.
In starting we told them value of plantation because it’s very important for the new generation to know about this fact.
We all know education is very important but it’s also important to implement things in real life because now a days no body thinks to do something about nature only study it in there books.
So we told everyone to do something for there nature in their free time.
And than we just announced the results and the winning team of painting competition in both batches.


And by announcing the result. We also told them the reason why they won.we gone through with all the groups and told there creativity in there paintings. But at last we have to choose one so we choose one.

After announcing we given the 🏅 Medals to all the team member of the team.


Than the time came for certification and we started giving certificate to everyone and one by one we did.

And in between children performed some dances and drama too.

So everybody was enjoying the session.
At last it was just like happy ending for this time.
See you all very soon with new season and thank you everyone for supporting.
Thanks to Badi maa and our all team member.
I request to everyone please plant more and more tree and make our home earth green and clean.

Big thanks to the badi maa because of you it’s happened in Bodhgaya,you supported us for organising this camp and by your blessings we successfully completed our this camp, so really big thanks from our heart and love for you.

Thank you
Jai ho


01:06 Morning started everyone was excited about this morning. All the five days of musical theater summer camp arts things already we finished and one of the very important day of this camp came, as I told you in my last post that today we are going to organise one awareness rally for the people around Bodhgaya about global warming, climate change, plant trees, reduce carbon,save the world many more .
So children started coming and 8 in the morning all the children were here with us in our CREACTING INDIA center.
So we started our rally at 8:30 from our center with 60 children age from 5 yr to 20 yr and we went though the street of Bodhgaya around 5 km with them as it was too much hot here around 43 degree so it was difficult for the smaller one to walk and cover that much distance but actually they were so much happy to do this so it went very well.

We walked and everybody was just singing saving the world slogan and also encouraged the people there to do the same.
Because now a days people are so much busy in there life no body thinks about our climate and because of less number of tree earth changing there beauty and day by day its becoming very scary.

So we were just telling peoples to plant the tree.
Because everyone have to plant at least one tree so it’s not our job it’s our responsibility.
God has given us a beautiful home for living whom we called earth so it our responsibility to make our home earth green and clean.
Ya we crossed almost all the part of our village and after that we started planting tree with our team. Because it’s not good if we only tell people to do this it’s also our right to do the same.
So we started planting tree.

And we also told our children’s about the value of planting tree.
We told them whenever you want to do something very good just plant a tree and also encourage your friends and family.
And they listen us carefully and then they planted with us.
After doing this we all were so much happy and than we came back to our center with happy faces.
Than we all had a good food together and the day finished.
02:06 Today we found about our yesterday awareness rally on news paper and in some news sites.


So actually we want people to see this and plant at least one tree.
Because one tree can save thousands of life.
So please support us and plant trees
Thank you
Jai ho


31:05 Everyday was going very well and we already finished our 4 days of our summer camp Theater and dance classes finished now today the day came for painting competition so our Dreamcatcher Ramcharn is going to conduct today session under Vinod sir and Abhishek sir.
Day started, our first batch junior ones started coming and they were so much excited about the day because now they have to do the painting.
So at 10 in the morning Ramcharn divided 4 group each group have 6 members.
He distributed the topics to the each groups with one big white paper for drawing.
Children already started painting and after 1 and half hour they completed, in between process we all are supporting every group.

We seen their creativity wow amazing children.
So topics are:-
* In the jungle many flying butterfly.
* Flying balloon in the sky.
* Five different animal.
* Rainbow in the sky with hut.
After submitting all the painting they had a good lunch, our traditional meal of Bihar.
Ya we already finished our morning batch now the senior batch it was not like junior we have to decide some social topic to give to them and than we made some climate topics so students can learn and understand the value while doing this.
Topics are:-
* Scary tree with wood cutter.
* Same place before and after destroyed by human.
* Pollution factory.
* Two type of earth before and after (green an dirty).
* Make a hand chain around the world to save the tree.
First we divided the 5 group of 4 members in each group than we made topics in some paper cheats and we asked the group leaders to come and choose cheats by themselves so it’s depends upon their luck what they will get.

So everybody have a topic and they started painting.

As I told Ramcharan was leading both batch so he were helping everybody’s not only he all the Dreamcatcher.
After 2 hour we have all the big white paper with a creative painting in it and ya the most beautiful things we seen their team work inside.
How they were doing this, It was again wow for all of us.
They did and the time for there food.
Ya it was delicious compliment by them.
Day finished and results we will announce for both batch on our final day 02/06/2019.
And at 01/06/2019 one of the main day of this summer camp is going to happen.
Because we the team of CREACTING INDIA is going to organise one awareness rally among the people of our village Bodhgaya about climate change, climate justice, stop cutting tree, plantation, clean environment and our main slogan will be ” Save the world”
Plant tree and save our environment.
So stay tuned with us we will update you everything about this.
Jai ho


30:05 now second day came for the dance workshop and everybody was excited about the class senior as well as junior ones.
First batch started in right time, yesterday Rahul was taking workshop but today he was supporting Mazid.
Mazid one of our dreamcatcher he was leading the juniors one today,and it was also his first workshop as a leader so he was so much nervous before the class but Rahul already did one day so he was supporting him and they both started together warm up aerobics session completed.

Than they went with last day choreography in song so children remembered all the steps after some practice they taught next left part of that song.
Song :- Tharki chokri
And ya it went very good with them together and children’s enjoyed session again .
Now the food time.
You already know about our last day workshop session with Abhishek sir if you don’t just read out musical theater day 3 post .
So Abhishek sir was all set with his choreography because he already finished one song in first day workshop now second he is ready with new one.
Song:- Ankha ka yo kajal
And Abhishek sir started the class with warm up session and this time he was just working on their bodily movement like stretching and many more.
And the best thing was children were no any more nervous in dance class because they like the how Abhishek sir taught them yesterday.

So after warm up first they practices last day song than they started learning new choreography and it was again wow .
Nice choreography and very good class.
They were learning very easily and at last video shoot of both day choreography with children.
It was very good experience for children to shoot a video for the first time.
So again bang on.
Stay tuned with us on our YouTube.
And we are looking forward for the next day painting competition.
Jai Ho.


29:05 2 days Theater workshop we already completed successfully so now the day came for 2 days dance workshop, everyone was excited about the dance workshop.
There was two batch one for junior ones and one for seniors.
Our dreamcatchers were also with full of energy and it was a good energy coming from them so we started our first batch in time.
It was also challenging today because one of our dreamcatcher Rahul was conducting first junior batch and it was his first workshop as a trainer.
So somehow he was nervous but it’s normal for us .
As Abhishek sir told him to take this workshop not for teaching only the main reason behind is to given him workshop to learn how to lead a class or group.
And ya Dreamcatcher Rahul started workshop by some dance arobics for 30 min,than he went for the dance steps , slowly he started giving them some basics steps on count.

He taught all the choreography for the day to them than time came for song rehearsal as he did 1 hour only counting round with them so next half an hour for song practice round and it was funny to see that children were laughing a lot in the class with him, actually they were enjoying the session.

At least results came very good how he leads them it was awesome, children learned all the choreography and it makes us as a team leader very happy that one of our dreamcatcher is now know how to take the dance workshop.
So we are happy with him what he did.
First batch finished and than we distributed lunch to all the children .
Morning batch was awesome but now the time for senior ones and everybody was relaxed about it because our Dance teacher of dreamcatchers Mr Abhishek Kumar was going to take that senior workshop and he have a a lot of experience of teaching dance with every type of children not only beginners but also with the trained one.
But actually workshop he have to give to the beginners.
In starting, children were so much nervous but when Abhishek sir started the workshop with warm up arobics session slowly they started getting their confidence and now after warm up they totally inside with him.
Warm up completed than Abhishek sir did what he always do before the choreography round,he asked children’s want they know about dance.
Because it’s very important for a choreographer that what he or she is going to teach to the children,first they must have to tell exactly what is the dance.
Answer came but at last Abhishek sir told them the meaning of dance.
In a view of Abhishek sir :
Dance – whatever we do in our daily life since morning till evening everything is dance but its depends because if we are doing things in our daily life is call real life and same things if we do on stage while performing is call reel life.
So that’s the meaning he told to the children and after that he started with choreography round.
Steps counting started he was looking and helping each of students so they can feel relaxed and learns it easily and for make them feel easy he was using some normal day life situations to make them understand easy how to implement real life situations to learn the steps.
And ya it was making all the childrens so much happy when he was telling step similar like removing soil from place to another.
Slowly all choreography done than the time came for song practice.
When he Played the song children were started laughing because it was one of the popular and new song of bollywood and mostly everyone like this.
Song :- Baki Sab fas class hai.
And they did all the choreography very well with Abhishek sir and atlast he asked there feedback and they told very good.
So all and all it was bang on class.
Now there was food time .
So looking forward for next day workshop.
Stay tuned with us.
Jai Ho.


28:05 Day second started with new idea, energy, similar morning like yesterday. Ramcharn started with yoga session and after that shashi continued with theater workshop.
It was nice to see our juniors leading a big group of 33 children and they are just growing their skills in same time while leading a group.
Shashi started second day of camp with Indiaka ,room walk with introducing some animals ,water creatures and birds inside. So students got to know also about the feelings of this creatures.

After that now the time came for facing stage so they started going on stage,saying only yes or no and than coming back so by this they learnt the situation of stage.

After that some games for concentration like jump in jump out than opposite work .
So over all it went very smoothly with them again.
At last they had again today lunch from CREACTING INDIA.
Ya today was a last day of theater
camp, Vinod sir was ready with his advance concept to work with the senior batch and he started again with round but this time standing position in circle with OM three times and then he went for the Indiaka after that room walk this time he used elements from the climate disaster like earthquake,flood, cyclone and many more so children also aware about environmental disaster.

Than he went for concentration work like find persons in group numbers.
After that meditation round with them to feel all the environment issue by telling them to make justice with there earth so they can feel all the things by closed eyes.
Now the final time came Stage facing again but he went with the Concept work this time,6 groups divided each groups 6 members and everybody had a topics:
*Meeting with lord Shiva
* Angry lord Kali.
* Magic Island
* Crazy magician
* Power on the top of the tree.
* Scary forest.
So these are the topics what they performed but that’s not easy for the leaders of the group because in all act they have to give the message about saving their earth, environment and climate.
Ya they prepared they performed and it was somehow interesting to see that they thinks a lot and they find many good acts related to our environment.

At last after watching all the scenes we found many interesting acts
Now the time for circle round where every body share there views openly and wow many good feedback from everyone.
So the day was full of enjoyment.
jai ho.


27:05 Day started with full of energy,we all are ready to start our first day of musical theater session 2 summer camp with our team.So everyone was excited and we all were happy that students are coming before the class.
And now we are ready to inaugurate our 7 days camp with our secretary Mr. Vinod Kumar and President Mr. Abhishek Kumar and our special guest and treasurer of our trust Mr.kiran lama sir (founder of 80 ft Buddha in Bodhgaya).
Kiran lama sir inaugurated our camp and also given message to our all participant for this camp.

He advised children to learn with fun and masti and also the importance of our climate and environment .
So now after that we cut the cake and distribute among the all children.
Now after this our first batch of this camp the little children (5 yr to 14 yr) is ready to start with our instructors Nisha ,shashi and Ramcharn.
So we started with yoga conduct by Ramcharn,and the workshop part of theatre continue by our instructors shashi , Nisha and with all dreamcatcher.
So they started with playing Indiaka,room walk, running round, sabashna (meditation) and small flavor about feelings, experience and stage presentation.

So it went very smoothly with children’s and the main part was children were enjoying a lot.
After that they played musical passing ball.
At last we provided them a good lunch,so all and all it was a good workshop by our instructors.


So now the time came our senior batch( 15 yr to 20 yr) is going get the intensive advance theater workshop by our theater trainer Me Vinod Kumar and it was very good energy inside our center because first workshop with children’s went very good so everybody body was excited among our team for the next session.
Ya it was a workshop with elders one but they were also beginners so somehow it was challenging. But actually Vinod sir was taking the workshop so it was not that much challenging for him because he have many experience of working with beginners children like them.
Vinod sir started workshop and told some points about acting to them so they can understand what they are going to do.


He started workshop sitting in round small meditation with speaking Om three time.


And then Indiaka,room walk with introducing some elements inside.

Running with making some noise with high energy and loud one by one and after that meditation,where Vinod sir told them to feel there all body part movement from inside of there heart.
* Hearing their heart beat .
* Feeling their blood circulation.
* Feeling their breathing through the nose and to the whole body.
* Weight of the body on the earth.

After 10 minutes break again started with workshop but now the main part of workshop came Stage part,
4 group divided and where they performed 4 main feelings one by one and it was really wow.

One by one all four groups performed and they did a last round for the day and everyone was happy.
Than again good meal for them provided by us and ya we are ready for next workshop.

Special thanks to badi maa for sponsoring this summer camp because of you we organised. Thankyou from all the team members of CREACTING INDIA.

Beautiful day for every one of us.