Abhishap (अभिशाप)

We have new theatrical production called Abhishap. On 5th July 2 month certificate course was started with 17 young artists from Bodhgaya.

In this course we worked in practical as well as theoretical knowledge for the player’s with the book of act method written by Christian Fried inspired by Jochim keller and Annette Fried from Germany.

Student were focused on both mental and physical level.

After the 2 month workshop in last 10 days group found the piece Abhishap. Show was on the girl who was battling with disable mind of the society . She was trying to find her inner strength and power to survive but due to fantastic clown she got the chance make the inner travel of herself.

Thanks and congratulations to all participants and Dreamcatchers to make this project successful.

Full show


We started our 2 month show based improvisational theatre course called pratisodh from 7th April 2022.

All and all 16 participants enrolled for this course age between 15 till 18. The course was aimed to develop self confidence in participants and to motivate them to use the theatre as a tool in their daily lives.

During this two month students learn how to do and play theatre excercise, theatre games, dancing choreography and many other possibilities to represent themselves.

We organised parents teachers meeting also in mid of the project because with our experience we know that parents play’s very important rolls in children life. We wanted to have parents faith also on us so they can support their children for playing theatre and dance. Meeting was really successful with lots of discussion and very relax conclusion. It was very fruitful meeting we had with the parents. They assured us that they will support their children in future for doing art. Later we played also some games with them.

The course ended with 3 public shows. Show was based on climate change. How the mother earth is getting older day by day. Humans are destroying her in every way just to full fill their own expectations and needs. But still she love humans like her children. We tried to find the fantastic solution with fantasy play called “Pratisodh”.

Show was played in our cultural center on 6th,7th and 8th June 2022. Congratulations to all the great player and members of pratishodh cource for their fabulous work.

Full show