30:05 now second day came for the dance workshop and everybody was excited about the class senior as well as junior ones.
First batch started in right time, yesterday Rahul was taking workshop but today he was supporting Mazid.
Mazid one of our dreamcatcher he was leading the juniors one today,and it was also his first workshop as a leader so he was so much nervous before the class but Rahul already did one day so he was supporting him and they both started together warm up aerobics session completed.

Than they went with last day choreography in song so children remembered all the steps after some practice they taught next left part of that song.
Song :- Tharki chokri
And ya it went very good with them together and children’s enjoyed session again .
Now the food time.
You already know about our last day workshop session with Abhishek sir if you don’t just read out musical theater day 3 post .
So Abhishek sir was all set with his choreography because he already finished one song in first day workshop now second he is ready with new one.
Song:- Ankha ka yo kajal
And Abhishek sir started the class with warm up session and this time he was just working on their bodily movement like stretching and many more.
And the best thing was children were no any more nervous in dance class because they like the how Abhishek sir taught them yesterday.

So after warm up first they practices last day song than they started learning new choreography and it was again wow .
Nice choreography and very good class.
They were learning very easily and at last video shoot of both day choreography with children.
It was very good experience for children to shoot a video for the first time.
So again bang on.
Stay tuned with us on our YouTube.
And we are looking forward for the next day painting competition.
Jai Ho.