27:05 Day started with full of energy,we all are ready to start our first day of musical theater session 2 summer camp with our team.So everyone was excited and we all were happy that students are coming before the class.
And now we are ready to inaugurate our 7 days camp with our secretary Mr. Vinod Kumar and President Mr. Abhishek Kumar and our special guest and treasurer of our trust Mr.kiran lama sir (founder of 80 ft Buddha in Bodhgaya).
Kiran lama sir inaugurated our camp and also given message to our all participant for this camp.

He advised children to learn with fun and masti and also the importance of our climate and environment .
So now after that we cut the cake and distribute among the all children.
Now after this our first batch of this camp the little children (5 yr to 14 yr) is ready to start with our instructors Nisha ,shashi and Ramcharn.
So we started with yoga conduct by Ramcharn,and the workshop part of theatre continue by our instructors shashi , Nisha and with all dreamcatcher.
So they started with playing Indiaka,room walk, running round, sabashna (meditation) and small flavor about feelings, experience and stage presentation.

So it went very smoothly with children’s and the main part was children were enjoying a lot.
After that they played musical passing ball.
At last we provided them a good lunch,so all and all it was a good workshop by our instructors.


So now the time came our senior batch( 15 yr to 20 yr) is going get the intensive advance theater workshop by our theater trainer Me Vinod Kumar and it was very good energy inside our center because first workshop with children’s went very good so everybody body was excited among our team for the next session.
Ya it was a workshop with elders one but they were also beginners so somehow it was challenging. But actually Vinod sir was taking the workshop so it was not that much challenging for him because he have many experience of working with beginners children like them.
Vinod sir started workshop and told some points about acting to them so they can understand what they are going to do.


He started workshop sitting in round small meditation with speaking Om three time.


And then Indiaka,room walk with introducing some elements inside.

Running with making some noise with high energy and loud one by one and after that meditation,where Vinod sir told them to feel there all body part movement from inside of there heart.
* Hearing their heart beat .
* Feeling their blood circulation.
* Feeling their breathing through the nose and to the whole body.
* Weight of the body on the earth.

After 10 minutes break again started with workshop but now the main part of workshop came Stage part,
4 group divided and where they performed 4 main feelings one by one and it was really wow.

One by one all four groups performed and they did a last round for the day and everyone was happy.
Than again good meal for them provided by us and ya we are ready for next workshop.

Special thanks to badi maa for sponsoring this summer camp because of you we organised. Thankyou from all the team members of CREACTING INDIA.

Beautiful day for every one of us.