28:05 Day second started with new idea, energy, similar morning like yesterday. Ramcharn started with yoga session and after that shashi continued with theater workshop.
It was nice to see our juniors leading a big group of 33 children and they are just growing their skills in same time while leading a group.
Shashi started second day of camp with Indiaka ,room walk with introducing some animals ,water creatures and birds inside. So students got to know also about the feelings of this creatures.

After that now the time came for facing stage so they started going on stage,saying only yes or no and than coming back so by this they learnt the situation of stage.

After that some games for concentration like jump in jump out than opposite work .
So over all it went very smoothly with them again.
At last they had again today lunch from CREACTING INDIA.
Ya today was a last day of theater
camp, Vinod sir was ready with his advance concept to work with the senior batch and he started again with round but this time standing position in circle with OM three times and then he went for the Indiaka after that room walk this time he used elements from the climate disaster like earthquake,flood, cyclone and many more so children also aware about environmental disaster.

Than he went for concentration work like find persons in group numbers.
After that meditation round with them to feel all the environment issue by telling them to make justice with there earth so they can feel all the things by closed eyes.
Now the final time came Stage facing again but he went with the Concept work this time,6 groups divided each groups 6 members and everybody had a topics:
*Meeting with lord Shiva
* Angry lord Kali.
* Magic Island
* Crazy magician
* Power on the top of the tree.
* Scary forest.
So these are the topics what they performed but that’s not easy for the leaders of the group because in all act they have to give the message about saving their earth, environment and climate.
Ya they prepared they performed and it was somehow interesting to see that they thinks a lot and they find many good acts related to our environment.

At last after watching all the scenes we found many interesting acts
Now the time for circle round where every body share there views openly and wow many good feedback from everyone.
So the day was full of enjoyment.
jai ho.